[Dev] Chandler Tiger builds - issues

Robin Dunn robin at alldunn.com
Tue May 10 12:42:42 PDT 2005

David Surovell wrote:
> Chandler doesn't build on MacOS X v10.4 (Tiger). Solving this problem 
> without causing further "upset" is continuing to require effort. Here's 
> an update...
> The component issues have been identified and most are resolved, thanks 
> to the efforts of Andi, Bear and others.
> Some issues still remain:
> 1) deployment - It appears as though we will have to make a decision on
> continuing to support Panther (v10.3) development. Supporting both
> Pather and Tiger is likely to require another 1-2 build machines and the
> maintenance of another set of release binaries. Dropping Panther support
> at this date may inconvenience a significant portion of the non-OSAF
> Chandler dev't community.

There are ways around this.  For example, if you keep the build machines 
on Panther then the binaries produced will be usable on both, and you'll 
just need to ensure Tiger build capability for developers or other folks 
that want to build their own.

Or if you want to move the build machines to Tiger then you can 
configure the build (via environment variables I think) to use the 10.3 
SDKs and APIs.  I havn't tried this yet since up through Panther (I 
don't have Tiger yet) there have been significant differences in the 
system-installed versions of Python that I also have to deal with, but I 
don't see any reason why it wouldn't work for Chandler.  You can also 
use the older versions of the compilers fairly easily if using the newer 
compiler causes Panther compatibility issues.  Then once there are more 
Tiger users than Panther users it is easy to roll over to the newer 
version of the SDK and compilers.

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