[Dev] Cosmo

Mitchell Kapor mitch at osafoundation.org
Tue May 10 11:56:12 PDT 2005

After due deliberation, we have decided to go with an Apache license  
for Cosmo (OSAF's WebDAV/CalDAV server).

The Apache license, having many fewer restrictions, is, broadly  
speaking, developer friendly.  Specifically, the Apache license is  
better suited if we want commercial developers to use or incorporate  
Cosmo, as opposed to develop their own.  This has proven a key  
dynamic with Apache itself.

We recognize that going with the Apache license arguably forecloses  
the revenue opportunity from a hybrid license approach as we have  
planned for the chandler client.  However, it does not eliminate the  
possibility of generating revenue from a hosted service offering.

On balance, going with the Apache license makes sense because we to  
promote the goal of widespread adoption and are less sensitive to the  
revenue issue.

Sheila Mooney and Pieter Hartsook will be working out the details so  
developers can legally download the code.

Thanks for your patience.

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