[Dev] Timezones/Recurrence/Sharing

Ken Krugler ken at transpac.com
Tue May 3 20:39:00 PDT 2005

>Jeffrey Harris wrote:
>>Basically, on Windows, do we use the Win32 timezone definitions (good,
>>consistent human readable names for timezones, variable cross platform
>>behavior), or a zoneinfo database (then it's unclear what human readable
>>label to use for the local timezone, since Windows' label for local time
>>won't uniquely match an entry in the zoneinfo database).
>I think we do need a list of human-readable timezones in the current 
>language, and I don't think we want to be maintaining that list 
>ourselves.. hence it would be best if we could rely on the system 
>for this list. Seems like the tricky part is mapping any particular 
>system timezone into a language that we can understand.

This winds up being a somewhat tricky issue. See


for more details then you probably wanted to know. Currently I don't 
believe there's very good cross-platform support for localized time 
zone names, but that's one of the things the CLDR/ICU project is 
trying to solve.

-- Ken
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