[Dev] Timezones/Recurrence/Sharing

Ken Krugler ken at transpac.com
Tue May 3 20:57:44 PDT 2005

>Ken Krugler wrote:
>>The same basic support exists in Java, via ICU.
>what does ICU/Java provide above and beyond J2SE?

Sorry...I don't know what J2SE does or doesn't support. I could ask 
Doug Felt (the Java guy in IBM's group that handles ICU) if you'd 

But I think maybe my comment was a bit unclear. When I said "The same 
basic support exists in Java, via ICU" I meant that the support in 
Java (1.2) came from the ICU project, so (in general) the level of 
Unicode/I18N support available in Java is roughly comparable to 
what's available via ICU's C/C++ APIs.

-- Ken
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