[Dev] new toplevel directory

Morgen Sagen morgen at osafoundation.org
Tue Mar 15 12:14:28 PST 2005

+1 for the idea, neutral on the name

If we do go this route, I would suggest that PARCELDIR become 
PARCELPATH so that it can include a list of directories to use.  That 
way I could still point at my personal parcel directory and this new 
'extensions' directory.

On Mar 15, 2005, at 11:56 AM, Alec Flett wrote:

>  I'd like to propose a new toplevel directory within the chandler tree.
>  Originally, I wanted to call it "sdk" or "examples" because I wanted 
> to place a skeleton parcel there that anyone could easily pull down 
> and build themselves, without it living in the parcels directory (and 
> thus being picked up by chandler - you may have already noticed a 
> "start here" app in parcels/osaf/examples that defines some pretty 
> goofy Kind's)
>  But I realized that it might be a nice place for us to put some 
> work-in-progress parcels, or other sort of sample-apps, without 
> hooking them into chandler and being tied to a product release or 
> anything.
>  So I'd like to propose this new toplevel directory and call it 
> "extensions" - it would NOT be part of the build process, but it would 
> be pulled down by CVS. It would be structured in such a way that you 
> could set PARCELDIR to point to it, and Chandler would pick up the 
> extensions. If an extension ever became a full-fledged chandler 
> feature, then we'd move it out of extensions/ and into parcels/
>  Let me know if you agree, object, or just have a better name.
>  Alec
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