[Dev] 0.5 Proposal for Menu Cleanup

Morgen Sagen morgen at osafoundation.org
Fri Feb 11 06:10:46 PST 2005

These changes all look fine, especially promoting the 'Accounts...' 
menu item up a level.  I suggest that in addition to Test -> Generate 
Data we add a Test -> Generate Lots of Data menu item which creates, 
say, 1000 items of various kinds.  Even 1000 items isn't all that much, 
but we should probably get in the habit of testing Chandler using a 
larger set of content items.

I would also like to add a couple menu items: one allowing the user to 
subscribe to a remote iCalendar (.ics) file such as those published by 
Apple iCal, and another to publish a collection of events to a .ics 
file on a webdav server (so that iCal can subscribe to it).  These two 
features are doable using the Test menu today, but I would like to 
promote them as official Chandler features in 0.5.

Someone suggested that since we can now fetch from multiple IMAP 
accounts at once, the File -> Sync -> Mail menu could be expanded to 
show all IMAP accounts and allow the user to sync them individually.  
Ditto for File -> Sync -> Shares.  I'm not sure how hard it is to 
dynamically add/remove menu items based on the result of a query, 


On Feb 10, 2005, at 10:31 PM, Sheila Mooney wrote:

> All,
> Mimi, John, Aparna and I met to discuss cleaning up some of the unused 
> and/or disabled menu items in Chandler. Please note, that this is 
> simply a clean-up proposal for 0.5. We realize some of this 
> functionality will be fixed or working in 0.6 and beyond. John 
> indicated that it was very easy to add these back in when they are 
> necessary.
> As far as the test menu is concerned, I know that many of you use some 
> of the test menu items regularly. John and Aparna did a first pass on 
> what we thought was still being used, so let us know if there is 
> something we have removed incorrectly.
> Please reply/comment by end of day Monday.
> Current Proposal:
> File Menu
> * remove New Tab and Close Tab
> * remove New Window and Close Window
> * remove Preferences -> Profile and Sync (we could just have the 
> Accounts under the File Menu)
> Edit Menu
> * change Delete to Remove
> View Menu
> * remove Columns
> * remove Sort By
> * remove Ad-hoc Collections items
> * remove all items after (View Toolbar, View Sidebar, View Status Bar) 
> items (check if Katie wants to keep Week View and Day View)
> Test menu:
> * Change Generate Content Items to Generate Data (to include 
> Collections)
> * Remove Generate Notes, Generate Calendar items, Generate Contacts
> * Put these under a Share sub menu->Subscribe to collection, Share 
> collection 'All', Sync collection 'All', Share tool
> * Remove Get Mail
> * Remove Log View changes
> * Remove Log Repo History
> * Club Repository things together in the test menu(Check Repository, 
> Commit Repository)
> * Remove some of the views from Add  Additional Views in the test menu 
> (remove some of the stuff in Add views like Mixed view, note-kind 
> view, contact-kind, task-kind, mail-kind etc)
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