[Dev] Menu items support named dispatch

Brendan O'Connor brendano at osafoundation.org
Tue Aug 2 12:55:28 PDT 2005

> In our dynamic user interface, where blocks come and go, it's handy to  
> have a mechanism that sends an event to whichever block is available to  
> handle that event.  For this reason CPIA has had the ability to dispatch  
> to events using the event's name.  This is implemented as an attribute  
> "eventsForNamedDispatch" on Block.  Essentially, this allows the block  
> to publish events that it, or its children blocks, can handle.  This  
> feature has not been widely used, until now.

Donn, is this in general preferable to using BroadcastEverywhere?  More  
and more BroadcastEverywhere events are being sent around in the  
block-ified main calendar, but they do so because of the reason you're  
advocating eventsForNamedDispatch, namely that you can assign an arbitrary  
number of listeners and the sender doesn't have to worry about who'  
listening ... some notes on  


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