[Dev] Chandler Milestone 0.3.24 available

Jeffrey Harris jeffrey at skyhouseconsulting.com
Mon Sep 13 10:16:43 PDT 2004

Hi Alec,

> Pardon my ignorance (and choice of Mail Client: Outlook Express) but your
> postings to the the Chandler lists (and I think those of a couple of others)
> always arrive containg just what's below my sig and two attachements - an
> "ATTnnnnn.txt" containing your message and a "signature.asc" containg your
> PGP signature.
> Do you (or anyone) know a workaround/settings for OE6-SP1/Win2K so I can
> avoid having to open an attachement to read your pearls of wisdom?

Try GPGOE, http://0guita.com.ar/winpt/gpgoe.html, I've had clients who 
insisted on using OE use it, seems to work well.

If I were you, I'd be extra careful to make regular backups of your OE 
mail files, I've ALSO had clients lose all their mail when something odd 
like a power outage corrupted their un-backed-up OE files.  OE's 
monolithic mail file is really hard to recover if it gets munged.

Alternately, try Thunderbird, almost everyone I've ever gotten to try it 
has preferred it to OE (but you've probably heard that a dozen times 
already ;)!


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