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Maybe I'm misunderstanding, but isn't mail retrieval an asynchronous
operation as far as the user is concerned? I'm assuming that like other
PIMs, mail will be automatically retrieved every so often. The user might be
in the middle of editing a new message, and shouldn't have to wait for the
retrieval process to complete before continuing to type. To me, it seems
cleaner for mail retrieval to happen on its own thread (otherwise, all other
code running on the UI thread would have to figure out ways to yield it, and
that'd get convoluted pretty quickly).

Did you have something different in mind?

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Putting it in the UI thread seems like the way to go. We're already doing
this for email and I think we can use refresh intelligently to get good

Katie Capps Parlante wrote:

> Morgen Sagen wrote:
>> Also, a related question is whether the sharing/webdav code should 
>> operate outside the UI thread like the mail layer.  Currently it all 
>> operates on the main UI thread, which seems suboptimal, but making it 
>> asynchronous would also get us into the situation where perhaps the 
>> item (or item collection) the user is currently viewing gets updated 
>> as the result of some background task.  Do we have a story yet for 
>> the desired behavior (from the design group) and implementation 
>> details/problems (from the CPIA folks)?
> My understanding is that the only reason that sharing happens on the 
> UI thread was due to lack of time to make the necessary fixes to the 
> Task Manager/Notification Manager in .4. I would presume that the same 
> mechanisms used to update views should happen in both cases -- the 
> CPIA views are notified when collections or items change. Its 
> currently the case that this only works correctly for collections, and 
> not edits to individual items. We've currently scheduled work to get 
> this right in .5.
> Perhaps folks working more directly on the problem can highlight any 
> current snags/problems that might still be outstanding...
> Cheers,
> Katie
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