[Dev] PyLucene Question

darryl developer at csrules.dyndns.org
Mon May 31 20:26:26 PDT 2004

Andi Vajda wrote:

>>Well, so far all i've gotten to work was actually editing
>>IndexReader.java and renaming the delete to deleteTerm and then
>>building everything from there. No unresolved symbols.
>You're right. If we're renaming them on the swig/python side we may as well
>rename them in java too and solve the problem. According to the javadocs:
>  - IndexReader.delete(int) is deleting the document for given a number, so I
>    renamed it IndexReader.deleteDocument(int)
>  - IndexReader.delete(Term) is deleting all documents containing a given
>    term, so I renamed it IndexReader.deleteDocuments(Term)
>I added a new patch for this to PyLucene's patches file, fixed the PyLucene.i
>file and checked it all in again.
>Thanks !

If I happen to add more of the missing classes and functions to PyLucene.i
would you like me to submit patches (even if they are trivial) ?

Or asking another way, are you actively hacking in there so I'd be 
duplicating work?



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