[Dev] OSAF Office Hours Wednesday 11 AM PST, topic: Builds

Kaitlin Duck Sherwood ducky at osafoundation.org
Tue May 18 17:29:06 PDT 2004

This is a reminder that the next OSAF Office Hours will be this 
Wednesday, May 19 at 11 AM Pacific time (18:00-19:00 GMT/UTC/Zulu).

This, week, the Build/Release team will talk about a number of small things:
+ We expect to have a milestone build finished within minutes of this 
message going out; we'd appreciate it if people could try it out and do
some simple testing.
+ We just switched over to our new build system.  While we did an IRC 
session on the new build system recently, we're prepared to answer any 
lingering or new questions on the new build system.
+ Having finished the switchover to the new build system, we are now 
looking into what build improvements we should work on in the medium 
term (one to two months).

As always, our Office Hours are at irc.osafoundation.org, channel #chandler.

Please join us!

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