[Dev] Architecture Coordination

Mitchell Kapor mitch at osafoundation.org
Wed May 12 08:55:18 PDT 2004

OSAF has been struggling with a series of open architecture issues 
recently, from exportable/external addresss to Chandler extensibility. 
We've been tracking these issues as "intergroup" issues, and have been 
slow to come to final resolutions on several of them. We've made some 
progress by separating out design requirements from engineering 
proposals, but have had some trouble resolving the engineering issues. 
While we've made good progress on the major subsystems we've already 
defined (CPIA and the repository), we're missing an overall 
architectural plan for Chandler.

I'm asking Katie to take on the additional responsibility as 
Architecture Coordinator (A.C.) for Chandler.  She will work with other 
architects and developers to:

- define and document the overall architecture for Chandler.
- prioritize and resolve the current suite of perpetually open 
engineering issues
- serve as a point of coordination for new engineering issues as they 

The A.C. will:

- maintain a public master list of open issues, with priorities and 
milestone targets for decisions
- delegate open issues to owners, and be ensure participation of the 
appropriate engineers

Issue owners will:

- make sure to involve design team to the extent there are user-facing 
design issues
- write up a proposal for each issue, giving anyone a chance to comment 
on the proposal before making a final decision/resolution.


This process applies to overall architecture and intergroup issues. The 
design of major subsystems (repository, CPIA) will continue to be the 
responsiblity of the subsystem owner.

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