[Dev] The switch was flipped, CVS is now open

Andi Vajda vajda at osafoundation.org
Tue May 11 14:41:07 PDT 2004

CVS is now open for business again.
The switch has been flipped to NEW builds.

Here is how you need to transition to the new build:

  1. Your existing CVS checkout
  If you do *NOT* have any files in your existing checkout that need
  committing, skip to step 2.

  If you have an 'old' style tree, that is a tree where Chandler python
  sources are under osaf/chandler/Chandler *OR* if you have a new style
  tree where Chandler python sources are under chandler *AND* you have
  sources that need to be checked in, run the following commands:

   - cd osaf/chandler/Chandler
   - cd parcels
   - mv OSAF osaf
   - cd ..
   - find . -name Repository -exec sed -e 's|osaf/chandler/Chandler|chandler|' {} \;
   - cvs update
   resolve all conflicts, test and run chandler
   - cvs commit

   2. Cleaning up your environment
   It is best to basically, carefully, blow away your existing Chandler
   checkout tree structure and start with a fresh one:

   If you are not planning on doing your own builds, then you only need to
   check out Chandler's python sources and install binaries:
   - cvs co chandler-python
   - cd chandler
   - make install
   (On Windows, this last step requires cygwin. If you don't have cygwin
   installed you can download a very minimal cygwin installation allowing
   you to run the Makefile-based installer by downloading and expanding
   http://buids.osafoundation.org/external/windows/mincyg.zip into the
   chandler directory and by running the installWin.cmd script that came
   with it).

   If you are planning on doing your own full builds, then you need to
   check out Chandler's sources along with the third party systems it
   depends on, and do the full build:
   - cvs co chandler-all
   - cd external
   - make compilers
   - make expand
   - make
   - make binaries
   - make install
   - cd ../internal
   - make
   - make install
   - cd ../chandler

   3. Running Chandler
   The scripts to run Chandler have been renamed:
   - ../release/RunChandler -stderr -create

Further detailed instructions about the NEW build are at:

Andi, Morgen and Markie..

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