[Dev] Initializing Globals outside of Application.py

Morgen Sagen morgen at osafoundation.org
Tue Jun 22 11:15:47 PDT 2004

Code running outside of Chandler, such as unit tests, now has to 
include the following few lines:

     # to make parcels/osaf/contentmodel/Query.py happy
     Globals.repository = rep

     # to make parcels/osaf/framework/notifications/schema/Event.py happy
     from osaf.framework.notifications.NotificationManager import 
     Globals.notificationManager = NotificationManager()

Over time I can see the code required to properly set up of Globals 
getting bigger and bigger, and this code needs to be replicated outside 
of Application.py and kept in sync (for example, in 

We could try to write our code to gracefully handle the condition where 
Globals.repository and Globals.notificationManager, etc. aren't there.  
However it's probably better to make it easier for code outside of 
Application.py to set up Globals correctly (perhaps with some method in 
Application.py the unit tests could call to do this).  Shall I break 
out these required lines into a method living somewhere outside of 
Application.py (and modify Application.py to use this method too)?


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