[Dev] Version control systems

Denis Hennessy denis at hennessynet.com
Sun Jul 25 14:39:46 PDT 2004

> It's only 11Mb now, but by the time it grows to a stable size, it will 
> add lots more icons, some larger pictures (think of a splash frame), 
> hopefully lots of tests, and a whole bunch of code.  It's going to 
> double, and double again.  If the eventual size is closer to 50Mb, 
> "wasting" that much space for every client checkout is a _big_ chunk 
> of disk.
> I'm not saying this is a fatal impediment, but as you point out, it's 
> good to have all the pros and cons.  It would affect me personally; I 
> run PPC-based Linux machines (and some Macs) and I have the habit of 
> tracking open-source projects and compiling them to make sure they run 
> with my systems.  I have about 200Gb worth of sources currently and my 
> disk bays are full.  If projects start converting to Subversion, I'm 
> going to have to start dropping projects.
For me, having a second copy of source files on a client is a very small 
price to pay for much faster client operations (many operations happen 
without any network activity and commits only send the diffs). If all 
you do is grab the source to have a look at it, then you don't need to 
keep the copy; just get it with wget instead of svn checkout using the 
same url.


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