[Dev] Status of 0.4A -- need one more week

Lisa Dusseault lisa at osafoundation.org
Tue Jul 13 17:27:50 PDT 2004

We took stock of all our unfinished items for 0.4A and we think we need  
about another week to really nail it down.  Most of what we didn't  
quite do was code reviews, unit tests, and a bit of spit and polish.   
Here's a snapshot of where we are:


We'll still hold our IRC "download and kick the tires" chat tomorrow,  
and help people figure out how to use the new stuff (and where the new  
stuff is still a little incomplete).   And, next week, we may do a  
special milestone build for testing or OSCon usage, depending on how  
important we think that is.

Comments welcome to me, Katie, Ted, or on the results page above...


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