[Dev] generating API docs with epydocs

Andi Vajda vajda at osafoundation.org
Fri Jan 23 18:29:33 PST 2004

The epydoc package is now part of the Chandler build. It is a rather small
python only package which makes it possible to generate HTML and PDF
documentation, javadoc style, from doc strings in python source code.
Since epydoc actually loads classes into python it needs to be run with
Chandler's python, and this is best done with hardhat to which I added a new
-j flag. Why -j ? because it was available.

For example, to generate the API docs for the repository packages, do the

  - cd osaf/chandler/Chandler
  - mkdir api
  - ../../hardhat/hardhat.py -j -o api --css blue --private-css green -v -n chandlerdb repository
    (all arguments after -j are passed directly to epydoc)
  - open your browser on api/index.html

The epydoc package is in the osaf/chandler directory and is built right after
python, so that, in the future we can automate generation of API docs during
the build directly.


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