[Dev] Street Address schema question

bear bear at code-bear.com
Fri Feb 27 16:25:09 PST 2004

This is a copy of a comment I posted to the wiki page 
but I figured I would also mention it here to stimulate some 
conversation on the topic.


Question about the fields listed for Street Address  -

According to the US Post Office 
[[http://pe.usps.gov/cpim/ftp/pubs/Pub28/pub28.pdf][Postal Addressing 
Standards Pub28]] there really is only a few fields required to store a 
mailing address:

   * Attention Line - e.g. Jane Doe
   * Recipient Line - e.g. Widgets-R-Us
   * Delivery Address Line - e.g. 123 Any Street
   * Secondary Address Unit Designator - e.g. Apt 12
   * Last Line - e.g. Philadelphia PA 19123

The Last Line is commonly broken up into Country Code, Postal Code, 
Region and Municipality.  A reference to an xml schema that is very 
concise is 
Consortium Postal Address 1.2 Spec]]

The reason for me bringing this up is that the Street Address should 
really concern itself with the fields required for a postal address and 
any other information would go into the Contact item.

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