[Dev] Chandler as Moz AddressBook?

William Levin wlevin at opencontact.org
Fri Feb 27 12:55:45 PST 2004

Dear Chandler Dev Team,

I have been reading the OSAF Dev mailing list with great interest for
several weeks now.  I have particular interest in the way address books and
contact management will be handled in Chandler.  David Beinvenu's and Bill
Seitz's recent inquiries about accessing the Mozilla address book code
prompted me to write this letter.

A while back I began a crusade, OpenContact.org, to explore the
possibilities of standardizing contact management with centralized address
book repositories.  Many people feel that synchronizing contact data between
applications that use proprietary address book formats can be a tedious and
error prone task.

As I understand it, Chandler will be a platform-independent, Open Source PIM
application.  However, it seems that Chandler will also be implementing a
new proprietary schema for address book data, based on the info found at


A robust Open Source contact management schema may not be in the near
future, but I am curious what developers think about the prospects of a
truly open, modular, extensible address book for applications like Chandler.
I am not a developer, but as a user I recognize the need for a centralized,
standardized contact management solution.

If anyone would care to share their knowledge about how Chandler's address
book repository works, I invite you to contribute to the forum at


so as not to congest this Dev newsletter with off-topic content.


William Levin

P.S. -- I am a Macintosh user, and I'd be happy to test any aspect of
Chandler on Mac OS X 10.3 if there is an opportunity to help.

For the Standardization and Centralization of Contact Management Systems

on 2/27/04 2:39 PM, David Bienvenu at bienvenu at nventure.com wrote:

> It's fairly trivial to access the Mozilla address book from Python, if
> you set up PyConnect ...
> I did some work to show you can drive the whole Mozilla mailnews backend
> from Python.  Accessing the Mozilla address book code is even easier. I
> think there are some documents posted on the OSAF web-site about how I
> drove the Mozilla mailnews backend from Python.  I can show you how to
> do something similar for just the address book if you're interested.
> - David
> Bill Seitz wrote:
>> Has anyone explored the idea of Chandler plugging in as the address
>> book for Mozilla?
>> It's easy to turn address entries into mailto links. But you really
>> need all the other stuff:
>> * spam whitelist
>> * rightclick AddToAddressBook
>> etc
>> I'm less interested in (waiting for) Chandler to become a full email
>> client.
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