[Dev] HelpUs project: repository testing

bear bear at code-bear.com
Sat Feb 21 07:51:39 PST 2004

cool - that is what I was assuming when I saw *everything* had the word 
Test as a prefix :)

I'm also glad to hear that they do not have to be unittest based - I was 
thinking that to get a good baseline for profiling the test would be run 
outside of the unittest frame work.

What I've got so far is a couple stress tests for repository creation 
and tear-down - now to write a small script to compare a repository 
directory and it's contents to another.


Morgen Sagen wrote:

> On Feb 20, 2004, at 9:18 PM, Andi Vajda wrote:
>>> Is there a primer for injecting a unittest into hardhat?
>> Not that I know of. But you can look at chandler/repository/tests for
>> examples.
> When hardhat runs unit tests (triggered by "hardhat.py -t") it 
> recursively finds all files named Test*.py (starting in the current 
> directory) and executes them.  The test scripts typically use the 
> python unit test framework, but they don't really have to -- as long 
> as the script exits with an exit code of zero on success and non-zero 
> on failure.  In the unit tests it is sometimes nice to be able to 
> easily retrieve the full path to the Chandler directory -- this will 
> be set in the CHANDLERDIR environment variable for you by hardhat.  
> Also, hardhat sets PYTHONPATH to include the Chandler and 
> Chandler/parcels directories, and sets LD_LIBRARY_PATH, 
> DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH, and DYLD_FRAMEWORK_PATH to point to our libraries 
> as appropriate for each platform.

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