[Dev] HelpUs project: repository testing

Kaitlin Duck Sherwood ducky at osafoundation.org
Fri Feb 20 11:04:51 PST 2004

OSAF's Chandler repository code is now stable enough that we could 
really profit from community assistance.  In particular, we could use 
help writing regression tests for the repository.  We have some already, 
described at


but having more tests would be great.  In particular, we could use some 
performance tests.

This project separates nicely into a number of smaller projects:
   * Document what tests are already in place at a more fine-grained 
level (at above URL)
   * Make a list of additional tests that ought to exist (at above URL)
   * Write tests

Each of those three pieces have a granularity of one test: documenting 
even one test would be useful to us; adding even one proposed test to 
the list would be useful to us; writing even one test would be useful to us.

This can be a very low overhead project.  Heck, even just mailing Python 
code to dev at osafoundation.org would be fine!

Ted Leung ("sprout") is the main OSAF contact person for this project.  
You can reach him at twl at osafoundation.org or mail straight to 
dev at osafoundation.org.

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