[Dev] Feature freeze milestone

Katie Capps Parlante capps at osafoundation.org
Fri Feb 6 15:36:40 PST 2004


The bug council reviewed the open bugs, and decided to extend the date 
of the code freeze by one week, pushing out the release date by one 
week. We think this will give us time to polish up cpia bugs and code, 
and to polish up the existing views a bit.

The schedule highlights:

0.3.08 (Feb 17, 2004): Code Freeze
0.3.09 (Feb 24, 2004): Documentation Complete
0.3 Release (Feb 26, 2004): Tag CVS, downloads on the web, announce

A more complete schedule of OSAF events can be found here: 

A couple of reminders:

(+) When you create a new bug you think ought to be fixed for the 
release, please give it a target milestone of "0.3 Release". You can 
give a bug a new target without changing its status. The bug council 
will move it to the "0.3.08" target if it is approved.

(+) When you are checking in a fix, its a good idea to note the bug# in 
the cvs commit comment. All checkins require a "code buddy" or "code 
reveiw". This means that you should get someone to look at the diffs of 
your change before checking them in (either in person or over email). As 
Heikki points out, it helps catch mistakes, makes it easier to fix 
mistakes when they happen, and helps spread knowledge around.


Katie Capps Parlante wrote:
> (+) The 0.3.08 milestone is a code freeze, currently scheduled for 
> Tuesday, Feb 10. We expect this date to move, because a few apps/cpia 
> features didn't make the feature freeze deadline and we are willing to 
> hold the release for them. The bug council will try and make a decision 
> about this in the next few days, once we review the list of open bugs.

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