[Dev] Weekly Status Report 26 September 2003

John Anderson john at osafoundation.org
Mon Sep 29 10:41:54 PDT 2003

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*Last Week:*

    * Plan: Meet with and Andy on Tuesday before he leaves for Hawaii to
      sketch out creation of documents using our blocks and Ducky to
      discuss the block hierarchy for CPIA.
    * Actual: Done
    * Plan: Interview Steve Meredity on Tuesday.
    * Actual: Done
    * Plan: Continue getting feedback for my proposed parcel loading
      mechanism so I can begin writing it
    * Actual: Met with Katie and agreed on a plan to move forward. Also
      had a long disucssion with Andi.
    * Plan: Continue planning future tasks for document editing, so we
      can divide and conquer.
    * Actual: Not Done
    * Plan: Update Wing setup instructions.
    * Actual: Done

    * Also: Met on Thursday to discuss how to render Chandler documents
      into HTML. Ducky and I followed up with Robert Ginda on Friday to
      get his opinion about how do render Chandler documents into HTML.
      The discussion was very useful and he offered to meet again and
      continue helping us. Both he and Keith Ohlf's recommend writing a
      JavaScript widget set. Robert has some sample code that we could
      use as a basis for our work. He also confirmed that we could use
      our proposed event model for this widget set.

*Next Week:*

    * Plan: I'd like to spend more time coding this week and less time
      in meetings, with my primary focus writing the new parcel loading
      mechanism and integrated with Katie's parsing code and Chandler.
    * Plan: Meet with Andy, Mitch and Ducky to continue discussing HTML
      rendering of Chandler documents.
    * Plan: Continue planning future tasks for document editing, so we
      can divide and conquer.

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