[Dev] data model and repository changes !

Andi Vajda vajda at osafoundation.org
Mon Sep 22 14:53:27 PDT 2003


I just checked all the changes I had accumulated since before 0.2 and the
corresponding CVS tree closure. The new features are:

  - namespace support for Chandler attributes, kinds, types and aliases
  - on-demand item loading
  - item sharing over SOAP and Jabber

On-demand item loading means that when a repository is now opened, no items
are loaded. All items are loaded as they are requested through the regular
repository and data model APIs, and transparently through references.

Chandler appears to be working. I checked contacts, calendar, zaobao and
repository viewer.

Let me know if I broke anything or if you have questions about items you
'expect to be there but are not' (or anything else).


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