[Dev] Weekly Status Report 19 September 2003

John Anderson john at osafoundation.org
Mon Sep 22 13:11:55 PDT 2003

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*Last Week:*

    * Plan: Continue document editing work.
    * Actual: Besides working on the block taxonomy, I spent some time
      designing a new parcel mechanism and getting feedback from Andi,
      which will be the foundation for documents.
    * Plan: Meet with and Mitch, Michael, Andy and Ducky to discuss the
      block hierarchy for CPIA.
    * Actual: Met with the goup on Tuesday. Met with Andy to discuss
      block taxonomy on Thursday, and wrote up a summary on the Wiki. I
      still need to review Ducky's latest draft of the CPIA document
    * Plan: Do more testing and debugging of the upcoming release.
    * Actual: I spent most of the week working on bugs -- and made good
      headway on understanding and fixing lots of them.
    * Plan: Planned future tasks for document editing, so we can divide
      and conquer.
    * Actual: Attended our Thursday meeting and discussed future tasks
    * Plan: uPortal meeting on Monday.
    * Actual: Done

    * Also: Met Dennis Quan of Haystack.
    * Also: Reviewed Jed's document code changes for the release.
    * Also: I've been having trouble running Wing on Macintosh. So I sat
      down in earnest to track down the problem -- it turned out to be
      caused by turning on Wing logging. When logging is turned on and
      the log file does not exist, Wing does not connect to Python.
      Stephan was nice enough to fix the problem and posted a fix in a
      day, but I still spent way too much time tracking it down.

    * It's sort of a pain to use Wing on Chandler. I either have to set
      up a project file that specifies a bunch of obscure environment
      variables which require I type 47 different path elements without
      making a mistake, or I have to modify the Chandler source code and
      copy obscure debugging files to make it work. Finally, I have to
      do this with slight variations on each of the three platforms
      which slight differences for release and debugging versions of
      Chandler, and our instructions on the Wiki are usually out of date.

    * I prefer using a project file, because it's easier and doesn't
      require modifying sources, which is less error prone. In an ideal
      world we'd put a debugging and release project file in CVS with
      all the correct settings, but unfortunately everybody's Chandler
      directory is in a different place. I proposed to Stephan, at
      <http://twiki.osafoundation.org/twiki/bin/view/OSAF/WingIDE>, that
      he substitute environment variables in paths stored in project
      files, which would allow us to ship two project files, one for
      debugging and one for release, which work for all three platforms
      -- and the only requirement would be that you set a single
      environment variable CHANDLER_HOME. Until he implements this fix
      I'll update the instructions on the Wiki.

*Next Week:*

    * Plan: Meet with and Andy on Tuesday before he leaves for Hawaii to
      sketch out creation of documents using our blocks and Ducky to
      discuss the block hierarchy for CPIA.
    * Plan: Interview Steve Meredity on Tuesday.
    * Plan: Continue getting feedback for my proposed parcel loading
      mechanism so I can begin writing it
    * Plan: Continue planning future tasks for document editing, so we
      can divide and conquer.
    * Plan: Update Wing setup instructions.

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