[Dev] Use of URLs in parcels

Brian Douglas Skinner skinner at osafoundation.org
Fri Oct 24 18:50:11 PDT 2003

John Anderson wrote:
> Creating references with only drag and drop may not always work as you 
> expect, since references are bi-directional and require the 
> specification of a name, otherName, cardinality and otherCardinality. 
> You could probably start by thinking about what would make good defaults.

John, I think those complexities are more of problem when you're working 
without a shema (or with the AutoItem automaticly generated schema).

For the case that Jeffrey and Geoff are dealing with, the user would be 
dragging an item onto a known attribute of another item.  For example, 
the user drags an icon representing item "Foo" onto a drop region 
representing the "myFooList" attribute of item "Bar".  In that case, 
there's already schema in place with info about name, otherName, 
cardinality, and otherCardinality.

- Brian

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