[Dev] architecture proposal

Nimret Sandhu nimret at spro.net
Thu Oct 24 16:08:58 PDT 2002

oops .. this should have been x-posted to this list also - relevant imho!

interesting to see architecture/dev discussions taking place on the design list instead of the dev list ( the dev list does seem to be quite lonely these days +)

personally, i have been toying with the idea of implementing a personal server based appliation framework. basically an extension of the mvc paradigm to a distributed/networked system from a single pc. the model sits on a server somewhere ( like my home pc, for example). on top of this sits a soap based api which the view/controller use to access the data. the client itself can be a rich client ( wxpython, swing, qt, some other toolkit) in any language which provides a soap stack for communication with the data model ( http://www.soapware.org lists quite a few). you could also provide a thin client - pure html, applet, wml, vxml, etc based, which communicate with the server using the same api. imagine talking to your email client via your cell phone +)

of course, taking this approach has some other challenges which need to be addressed - security being #1, network latency, etc

fwiw, i have a working prototype of an email application which is set to be downloaded and installed over the web using java's webstart mechanism. it includes jetty ( http://jetty.mortbay.org) and jython ( http://www.jython.org). the static, backend business logic is written in jython for optimized development. the webserver and dynamic webapp support is provided by jetty. the whole package can run on any java vm supported platform - windows, linux, macos, freebsd.

.02 ~

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