[Dev] Another introduction from OSAF staff

Mitchell Baker Mitchell at osafoundation.org
Tue Nov 26 10:09:38 PST 2002

My name is Mitchell and I too have joined OSAF recently.  My role is to 
promote development practices at OSAF that build a successful open 
source project.  I'll be focused on designing good practices for 
distributed development, creating good feedback channels, and driving 
the integration of qualified contributors into the core development 
team.  In some cases this will be an informal set of suggestions.  In 
other cases it will include the development of formal policies for the 
project, which I also do for the Mozilla project.  And of course, there 
will be a whole lot of organizational activity that falls somewhere in 
between. As you might imagine, Chao and I will be working very closely 
together. In general, I'm the person to drive process or development 
style type discussions -- how can OSAF work effectively with the 
community.  Chao will be much more deeply focused on the product and 
therefore on the implementation of our processes.   Chao and I each have 
a slightly different focus, but we are basically the "dynamic duo" for 
community issues.

You can reach me at mitchell at osafoundation.org or the 
process at osafoundation.org mailing list.  (Note that mail to "mitchell" 
comes to me; mail to "mitch" goes to Mitch Kapor.  If this ends up 
causing too much trouble we'll figure out some alternative.) Please let 
me know if you've got thoughts on how OSAF ought to operate. I'm well 
versed in the need for collaborative development and better 
communication mechanisms; this will be an immediate focus as Chao noted 
in his post yesterday.

Chao is the latest addition to a great team and I'm thrilled to be involved.


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