[Dev] Wizardry and Clippies

Arnulv Rudland rudland at hastenrath.de
Sat Nov 23 09:04:48 PST 2002

On Friday, November 22, 2002 9:58 PM, David McCusker said:
(in a Discussion on the dev-list about RDF-Storage, I'm spinning that off an
moving it to the design list):
> I think we can figure out how to make a flexible enough runtime and db
> storage system, that we can add and remove indexes or other mechanisms
> on demand to satisfy new usage at an RDF level, perhaps with user
> guidance about what is a good idea.
> (But I don't want a paper clip that tells users, "I see you
> keep making
> the same query on an attribute which has no index over a
> million emails.
> Did you want me to add a new btree index?")

I agree wholeheartedly with David McCusker:
I find this statement so important, that I like to generalize it:

Personally, I strongly support the ideas of wizards in the sense of end user
support in the entry and configuration of an application.

But they should only appear _when summonend_ them, not when they like to put
their wit to show by themselves.
Secondly wizards should always be an optional helping hand for the new or
occasional user, never the only way to do something. The experienced user
should always have the choice between the wizard and straight-forward

The Microsoft Office Clippy and friends have probably done more to damage
artificial intelligence in the public opinion than an army of scientists and
business analysts could ever do.



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