[Dev] RE: [Announce] Mitchell Baker Joins OSAF Staff

Curt Hibbs curt at hibbs.com
Mon Nov 18 09:45:03 PST 2002

Congratuations (to both OSAF and Mitchell)!

There is probably no one on this planet who has more experience managing a
large open source project than Mitchell!


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> Subject: [Announce] Mitchell Baker Joins OSAF Staff
> *Chief Lizard Wrangler Joins OSAF Staff*
> We are pleased to announce that Mitchell Baker, Chief Lizard Wrangler at
> mozilla.org has joined the OSAF team to guide relations with the Open
> Source Community and Partners. She will also continue her involvement
> with the Mozilla project.
> Mitchell will guide OSAF's relations with its growing community, the
> Open Source community, developers, consumers and potential customers.
> She will help OSAF develop a work style that allows the entire community
> to participate to the maximum extent feasible. That means getting
> information dispersed as quickly and effectively as possible, developing
> good feedback channels, driving the integration of qualified
> contributors into the core development team, developing policies for the
> project when necessary, and whatever else develops. Our shorthand for
> this is that she will oversee OSAF's "Community and Partner Relations."
> Since OSAF developers are currently deep in the design phase, Mitchell
> will start by looking at how the team is currently working and
> suggesting techniques through which design discussions can be
> communicated more effectively, feedback can be evaluated and integrated,
> and interested participants can get involved. While the existing OSAF
> mailing lists are a great start, there is certainly more that can be done.
> At Mitchell's request, her role at OSAF will be part-time. She will
> continue her role as Chief Lizard Wrangler at mozilla.org. OSAF will
> fund a portion of the time she spends working on the Mozilla project as
> part of its mission to support the development of Open Source
> applications.
> Mitchell commented, "I can't think of two roles that better complement
> each other and I'm extremely gratified by OSAF's support of the Mozilla
> project. I'm very proud of what the Mozilla project has achieved.
> Sharing what we've learned with the OSAF should benefit everyone. I'm
> doubly lucky to be involved in both projects and excited about
> the future."
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