[Dev] Mitchell Baker Joins OSAF Staff

OSAF info at osafoundation.org
Mon Nov 18 08:31:58 PST 2002

*Chief Lizard Wrangler Joins OSAF Staff*

We are pleased to announce that Mitchell Baker, Chief Lizard Wrangler at 
mozilla.org has joined the OSAF team to guide relations with the Open 
Source Community and Partners. She will also continue her involvement 
with the Mozilla project.

Mitchell will guide OSAF's relations with its growing community, the 
Open Source community, developers, consumers and potential customers. 
She will help OSAF develop a work style that allows the entire community 
to participate to the maximum extent feasible. That means getting 
information dispersed as quickly and effectively as possible, developing 
good feedback channels, driving the integration of qualified 
contributors into the core development team, developing policies for the 
project when necessary, and whatever else develops. Our shorthand for 
this is that she will oversee OSAF's "Community and Partner Relations." 
Since OSAF developers are currently deep in the design phase, Mitchell 
will start by looking at how the team is currently working and 
suggesting techniques through which design discussions can be 
communicated more effectively, feedback can be evaluated and integrated, 
and interested participants can get involved. While the existing OSAF 
mailing lists are a great start, there is certainly more that can be done.

At Mitchell's request, her role at OSAF will be part-time. She will 
continue her role as Chief Lizard Wrangler at mozilla.org. OSAF will 
fund a portion of the time she spends working on the Mozilla project as 
part of its mission to support the development of Open Source applications.

Mitchell commented, "I can't think of two roles that better complement 
each other and I'm extremely gratified by OSAF's support of the Mozilla 
project. I'm very proud of what the Mozilla project has achieved. 
Sharing what we've learned with the OSAF should benefit everyone. I'm 
doubly lucky to be involved in both projects and excited about the future."

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