[Dev] RDF tax

Daniel Krech eikeon at eikeon.com
Fri Nov 15 14:11:37 PST 2002

On Fri, 2002-11-15 at 16:04, David McCusker wrote:

> So I'll try to make sure the RDF parts have a description that it easy
> to understand, so the barrier to entry is a low as possible.  I'm not
> sure how I'll do that yet, but it doesn't sound hard in principle.
> Probably this means I'll write an RDF primer suitable for Chandler
> aims to make it sound simpler than other documents do.  

I thought the following may be relevant and of some interest. In part to
help present RDF in a way that highlights its simplicity I have started
to promote and document some of RDFLib's interfaces into an interface
call SIR: Simple Interface for RDF[1]. 

The documentation on SIR is not yet very extensive, but will continue to
grow over the next few releases. Also, SIR does not yet have the higher
level resource methods from RDFLib but am looking to push them into SIR
as soon as I incorporate as many TRAMP like aspects as possible.

--eikeon, http://eikeon.com/

[1] http://rdflib.net/latest/doc/SIR.html
[2] http://www.aaronsw.com/2002/tramp

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