[Dev] Source Code Revision Control Infrastructure

David McCusker david at osafoundation.org
Thu Nov 14 23:11:59 PST 2002

Kent Sandvik wrote: [ big snip ]
 > Personally, I'm open for either CVS or Perforce,  but it's worth
 > checking out Perforce as it's a very powerful SCM solution.

I used Perforce for two years at my last job and I enjoyed using it
thoroughly because it was simple, and the performance was always very
snappy.  But I never learned the more exotic features since I was able
to get by most of the time with basic stuff.

I haven't used CVS much since Netscape, and there I most often used a
Mac based client. So now I'm picking up CVS command line usage, and I
wouldn't complain if folks picked Perforce instead. :-) But I assume
simple inertia with something that already works will prevail.

--David McCusker

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