[Dev] Source Code Revision Control Infrastructure

Nimret Sandhu nimret at spro.net
Thu Nov 14 23:22:01 PST 2002

On Thursday 14 November 2002 09:41 pm, you wrote:
> > blech .. pls tell me that is not the default behaviour and i most
> > certainly dont hope that it locks files ( ala vss). u have no hope to
> > scale the # of devs on the project if u have lock/edit instead of a
> > merge based system imo. i cant remmember how we had that setup ( i
> > dont remmember locking files - but it was a few years ago).
> It's really a matter of methology, if the system should know who is
> editing (checked out files) or not. In some projects this is important,
> to find out who is doing what, and in case there will be a conflict
> later.

my pref has always been that the default behaviour allows a merge rather than 
a lock. vss and cvs do both but the default cvs behaviour is a merge which is 
a heckva lot easier to work with than a lock imo.

~ nimret

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