[Dev] Source Code Revision Control Infrastructure

Kent Sandvik sandvik at mac.com
Thu Nov 14 21:41:35 PST 2002

On Thursday, Nov 14, 2002, at 17:56 US/Pacific, Nimret Sandhu wrote:

>> Yes, Perforce is god (actually just back from visiting their company
>> one hour ago), it

> i hope u meant good +)
Yes, sorry, really a typo.

> u can setup the cvs repository to automatically add files with a 
> certain xtension as binary so the clients dont have to.
Yes, but it depends on the person who sets up the repository, there 
could be mistakes and omissions, let's say a new media format is 
suddenly introduced to the source depot.
>> The really strong point with Perforce is doing multiple trees and
>> integrating code back to a baseline, this is why many companies have
>> gone with Perforce.
> yep .. i have used perforce in the past also and really liked it. but 
> cvs is ubiquitous.
CVS is indeed everywhere, and is free source, and it works quite well, 
so that's why most open source projects use it.

> blech .. pls tell me that is not the default behaviour and i most 
> certainly dont hope that it locks files ( ala vss). u have no hope to 
> scale the # of devs on the project if u have lock/edit instead of a 
> merge based system imo. i cant remmember how we had that setup ( i 
> dont remmember locking files - but it was a few years ago).
It's really a matter of methology, if the system should know who is 
editing (checked out files) or not. In some projects this is important, 
to find out who is doing what, and in case there will be a conflict 

> does perforce handle security? cvs can be tunnelled over ssh. ssh also 
> supports on the fly compression.
Yes, it's a matter of tunneling over the port number Perforce is using 
(I think 1666 is the default, but it's all configurable when you start 
the server). Perforce also does compression, and only sends over deltas 
when updating, not whole files.

The info for requesting Perforce is here: 

The public perl source depository is actually based on Perforce.

Personally, I'm open for either CVS or Perforce,  but it's worth 
checking out Perforce as it's a very powerful SCM solution.


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