[Dev] Rethinking scalability as a goal

Nimret Sandhu nimret at spro.net
Thu Nov 14 15:55:55 PST 2002

> One area we are now rethinking, based on input from the mailing lists and 
> other sources, is whether also build Chandler from the outset to support 
> large organizations, not just small-to-medium ones.  Based on further 
> internal brainstorming, it seems less difficult than what we had 
> imagined.  It also looks fairly likely we will be getting some world-class 
> technical help on a volunteer basis.

in terms of functionality or performance?
> Note that such support, which would involve some kind of server, does not 
> mean we are going to focus on large enterprises as customers.  Scalability 
> is but one of a number of requirements for a true enterprise solution.  It 
> does mean that, if we go in this direction, Chandler could provide a 
> solution for a university environment.
i would think in terms of features. the func for an enterprise level product will be a lot different from the func which u or i might use. of course, if we happen to be working in some kind of a company, then u might use both en terprise level features and features geared towards your own use.

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