[Dev] Rethinking scalability as a goal

Mitch Kapor mitch at kapor.com
Thu Nov 14 14:50:19 PST 2002

One area we are now rethinking, based on input from the mailing lists and 
other sources, is whether also build Chandler from the outset to support 
large organizations, not just small-to-medium ones.  Based on further 
internal brainstorming, it seems less difficult than what we had 
imagined.  It also looks fairly likely we will be getting some world-class 
technical help on a volunteer basis.

Note that such support, which would involve some kind of server, does not 
mean we are going to focus on large enterprises as customers.  Scalability 
is but one of a number of requirements for a true enterprise solution.  It 
does mean that, if we go in this direction, Chandler could provide a 
solution for a university environment.

I'm posting this now, before a commitment has been made, to get reaction 
and feedback.

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