[Dev] Existing p2p systems for getting offline node back up to date?

Andy Hertzfeld andy at differnet.com
Wed Nov 13 12:07:48 PST 2002

Ray Ryan wrote:

> If Spread doesn't support this kind of thing (catching up on messages  
> delivered while offline, or otherwise getting back in sync), what does?
> Ray

       One simple answer is email.  I think we can use email for lots of 
store-and-forward sharing purposes.  Emails with special headers sent to 
other instances of Chandler wouldn't be presented as normal email but 
instead be used as the store-and-forward part of the sharing framework. 
 You could even build a Groove-like, transaction-based relay server out 
of simple email, so no special purpose servers are required to be deployed.

-- Andy


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