[Dev] Python and end user apps

John Anderson john at osafoundation.org
Tue Nov 12 07:46:14 PST 2002

Hi Robert

It's great to have someone like you interested in a project -- I've been 
an admirer of your work on wxWindows and own a copy of wxDesigner.

Robert Roebling wrote:

>  Hi all,
>I have been looking at this project for a while now
>and I am amazed how much attention press-wise this
>project received given its software doesn't exist
>yet. Obviously, I am jealous :-)
>Anyways, one reason for my interest in this project
>is its choice of Python as its programming language
>and its determination to appeal to "a majority" as
>I read in a post by some of the OSA people recently.
>Everyone has heard of the "DLL-Hell under Windows"
>and installing a non-default version of GNOME under
>Linux is alomst certain to ruin your printing system,
>your newsreader, or you won't be able to log in any
>more. All minor problems for a programmer with some
>experience in installation routines. But "a majority"
>is generally not fond of that. Obviously again, you
>know all that.
>Now when I look at the architecture of this project
>and when I read the posts here on the list, I see
>a true plethora of libraries and technologies which
>are supposed to be integrated: Python, wxPython, ZOPE, 
>maybe the Berkeley DB etc. I keep wondering if you
>expect end users "of the majority" to install all
>these? Or if you only target users whose computers
>have been set up by system administrators - if the
>latter is true, then my question is all caused by
>my misunderstanding of your target group.
The idea is to install extra local copies of each of these technologies 
as part of the application. A simple installer will often be all the 
user sees -- they'll never have to know what's "under the hood".

>On the other hand, if you choose wxPython as your
>toolkit you will be able to write some C++ frontend
>with wxWindows rather easily if you decide to do so.
>That said, I'm looking forward to seeing your project
>turn real. If you have questions about the wxWindows
>library - just ask since I'm likely be able to answer
>  Robert

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