[Dev] Chandler not to use RDF internally?

Morgen Sagen morgen at osafoundation.org
Mon Nov 11 15:46:32 PST 2002

Hi Michael,

No, we won't be storing data using RDF/XML (the format), although we will
want to import/export RDF/XML.  It's still an open issue whether objects at
the application level (items such as contacts, events, tasks, etc.) will be
persisted directly by the persistence mechanism, or whether those objects
will be broken down into the equivalent statements/triples/whatever which
are then persisted individually.  I think we are currently leaning towards
the former, where Python attributes do the work of RDF statements, and there
is a mapping between the two.


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You said that Chandler will most likely not use RDF triples as its
internal storage format, but use persistent Python objects instead.

RDF (Resource Definition Framework) exists independently of it's XML
serialization format. What I'm hoping you meant was that Chandler will
store persistent triple objects and resources in the ZODB, rather than
serialized XML files.

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