[Dev] Re: Fwd: [Process] Core team process

Kent Sandvik sandvik at mac.com
Sat Nov 9 19:02:32 PST 2002

That was a good list, saved it!

The latest software development magazine (Dec 2002) has a good article 
about 12 famous developers and what kidns of tools/methologies they 
use. My summary from that article is:

* UML is good for communication, but it's not the ends-all-means system.
* Good debuggers, editors, tools are important, but ultimately it's the 
experience that counts
* Complicated design tools et rest could make someone caught in the 
formalization trap too long

As for XP, the Silicon Valley has used this over-and-over, even before 
it got the name, in various permutations. In general it's good, but the 
key thing is to be flexible and not get hooked to the latest buzzwords 
in the industry.

The selection of Python as the dev. language was for me a big positive 
surprise, it's good to get to the next level of languages to speed up 
development and design (as long as the final executable is fast).

Anyway, the key is to design and implement, and reimplement over again. 
Some of us could do some work already by prototyping various widgets 
and test out the tools (http://www.wxpython.org is a start), and learn 
the framework.


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