[Dev] Python Version?

Kent Sandvik sandvik at mac.com
Sat Nov 9 11:44:46 PST 2002

On Saturday, Nov 9, 2002, at 11:36 US/Pacific, Michael R. Bernstein 

> However, I would still lean toward remaining with the same release of
> Python, unless one of the bugs found and fixed impacted Chandler in 
> some
> way, esp. with regard to security.
The little I know of Python 2.3, there are new syntax features (such as 
iterators), so that means that any code that relies on some new feature 
might cause problems. I don't know about the release policies of 
Python, but if the minor releases, such as 2.2.3, are just fixes and no 
new features, then for the sake of end users it would be good to always 
update the main/core Python runtime. Same with wxWindows/wxPython. This 
then of course puts more pressure on stable releases and no exceptions, 
but I do think the open source movement is very professional with this 
today. --Kent

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