[Dev] contributing code back to other projects?

John Anderson john at osafoundation.org
Fri Nov 8 13:34:31 PST 2002


Our success critically depends upon open source technologies, which 
currently have lots of problems, so we definitely need to work on them 
to make improvements. For example, I've already discovered that Python's 
distutils doesn't work with the latest Microsoft compilers. So I fixed 
it and submitted a patch. There are also lots of problems with 
wxWindows, for example XRC can't represent a toolbar with a non-default 
bitmap size or text, so I had to fix the code. There's lots of work to 
be done on wxWindows for the Macintosh. I'm trying to get all of the 
changes folded back into the projects as soon a possible.

John Anderson
Open Source Applications Foundation

Kevin Altis wrote:

>Andy wrote in his Vista prototype document "we're working hard on creating
>the real thing now, and expect to have code to release publicly around the
>end of the year".
>Given that Chandler relies on a quite a large number of open source projects
>I was wondering what the plans are for contributing code back to the
>projects such as Python, ZODB, wxPython, Jabber, etc.? Will this code become
>available before the main Chandler code base becomes public? I expect that
>the ambitious goals for Chandler will result in fixes and enhancements that
>will benefit the projects Chandler relies on. It may also spur development
>on projects such as jabberpy, which hasn't had many enhancements since early
>In particular, there are probably at least a few wxWindows/wxPython UI
>controls that might be needed for Chandler, that are not already part of the
>standard wxWindows/wxPython set. In other cases, in order to support
>a more consistent look across platforms, enhancements or additions to the
>Linux/GTK and Mac OS X versions of wxPython controls might be needed.
>Regardless, any fixes or additions could be made independent of the main
>Chandler release.
>This may be more of an administrative management question versus a pure
>development issue, but I would like to hear the plan.
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