[Dev] Any response to previous questions?

John Anderson john at osafoundation.org
Thu Nov 7 13:13:37 PST 2002

On Wednesday, October 30, 2002, at 08:00 AM, Jack Bell wrote:

> Eron Lloyd <elloyd at lancaster.lib.pa.us> queried:
>> I've been following the conversation for some time now, and still 
>> haven't
>> seen any response to several questions I posted. The main things I 
>> wanted to
>> know were if PyQt was considered as a GUI framework (and if not, how 
>> come!),
>> and since this is a distributed system, if Twisted has been 
>> considered as
>> the networking foundation. <SNIP>
> Apparently they are looking at using wxPython as the GUI framework, 
> with
> PythonCard (which uses wxPython) for the (eventual?) dev tool. No word 
> on
> Twisted, but it looks like they intend to use the existing code in 
> Jabber,
> etc. as much as possible -- which may lead to a mare's nest of 
> different
> networking back-ends.
I need to learn more about twisted
> I wish the OSAF guy's would post here more. Especially with their 
> thoughts.
> Sometimes it feels as though we are shouting into the wind.
Sorry about not posting more -- I feel like I'm digging out of after a 
10 foot snow storm (our announcement). You guys are great, and I hope 
to catch up and be more involved.
> Jack William Bell

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