[Dev] 4Suite RDF and ZODB

Daniel Krech eikeon at eikeon.com
Sat Nov 2 10:38:10 PST 2002

On Sat, 2002-11-02 at 00:54, James Tauber wrote:
> > I don't have much experience with Redfoot.  Also, I have a lot of
> > respect for the guys behind Redfoot: Tauber and Eikon.  Unfortunately,
> > these facts mean I'll be weasling out of answering the question  :-)
> I have a lot of respect for Uche and not much experience with 4Suite so
> I'm in the same situation :-)
> I will say some things about Redfoot, though.
> As I mentioned in a previous post, one of my original visions for Redfoot
> was as an RDF-based PIM.
> The initial work Eikeon and I did was in writing an RDF library in Python
> and a language for scripting web UI driven by RDF (essentially Python
> code embedded in xhtml). We also did some initial work on propagating RDF
> triples between Redfoot instances. We didn't get as far as non-web UI
> although that was always in our plans.
> Version 1.0.0 of Redfoot was released last year on Sourceforge:
> http://www.sf.net/projects/redfoot/
> The 'generic' sample application that is included provides, I think, a
> good web-based way to see what RDF and RDF schemas are about.
> Since that release, a lot has been rewritten. Eikeon separated out the
> purely RDF portions as "rdflib" as people were interested in using things
> like the RDF parsing without the web-based UI framework.
> Eikeon forked the main Redfoot code around the same time so there is a
> distinction in what is at SourceForge and what is on eikeon's own site,
> redfoot.net. Eikeon continues development on rdflib (and I assume
> Redfoot) without me so I don't know what the future plans for Redfoot
> are.

I would like to clarify this a bit. The main Redfoot code was *not*
forked, but has simply switched from SourceForge's CVS to the CVS at
redfoot.net, along with Redfoot's new Redfoot driven homepage. And the
move was done around the time the new homepage was set up, which was a
number of months after the 1.0.0 release. 

RDFLib is very much under active development, and as I pointed out in an
earlier message, the next release will be this coming Tuesday and will
include a ZODB BTree backed TripleStore. While James chose not to
continue developing Redfoot, I certainly have continued to actively
develop Redfoot. 

> From my point of view, the OSAF is fulfilling what I originally wanted
> Redfoot to be, so I wouldn't mind OSAF taking over the Redfoot work.

I am excited to see OSAF take on the RDF-based PIM and the non-web UI
parts of the Redfoot vision; And would like to collaborate to see that
part of the vision be fulfilled. 

The existence of the Chandler project will afford Redfoot a strengthened
focus on the aspects of the Redfoot vision that do not overlap and
should end up being very complimentary to Chandler's vision.

Feel free to stop by #redfoot if you want to chat with me and the
Redfoot community (instructions for signing on to #redfoot are available
at http://redfoot.net/).

--eikeon, http://eikeon.com/

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