[Dev] RE: [Design] Rule System was: Re: Rules Discovery

Charlie Joynt charlie.joynt at trinitycollege.co.uk
Sat Nov 2 00:28:23 PST 2002

If the filters assign 'points' to incoming mail you should be able to create
what you ask for.

If a mail arrives which *might* be personal it is given points for every
characteristic that makes it seem personal (e.g. 10 points for the phrase
"Hiya", 15 points because it came from a hotmal account, etc.) If the mail
passes some threshold number of points, eg. 100 then it is definitely
personal--it's clocked up so many indicators that it can't be anything else.

If it doesn't quite reach that threshold, e.g. it has 85 points then it is
dumped in the inbox, at which point you say, "That should be marked as
personal" and when you move it to the personal folder manually you are asked
if you'd like Chandler to recalculate whatever it does to match the mails up
(Bayesian classification has been discussed in this list).


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>From: Chris Allum There should be a API that rule scripts can use
>to... set information as appropriate, such as indicating which
> category it shouldbelong in...
>	add category "Personal" to message_id // some more
>	do not apply more rules to message_id // example API's

Just a suggestion, but I don't trust my computer to do things intelligently.
I'd like categories of "Personal" when I assign it, and "Probably Personal"
when Chandler assigns it, then make the computer happier when I agree with
it (strengthen the weights of the statistical filter) and promote it to

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