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We're getting close to our "Preview" release of Chandler and Cosmo. (We're shooting for April 2007). The Preview release will be the first release that is polished enough for people outside of OSAF to try out and use. We're very interested in feedback from daily usage to guide us as we move towards a final 1.0 release.

The desktop application provides users with an integrated Dashboard for managing tasks, notes, communications and events and a Calendar for scheduling. Chandler users can share with other desktop users and on the web using our free service (built on our Cosmo server). Collaborators can view or edit calendars and task lists. For more details about what we've been up to, check out our recent blog post at: 

We've created a new mailing list for users. You can subscribe to the chandler-users maillist, or see the archives at: 
A few people are trying out the applications even before Preview, and are giving us great feedback on bugs and problems. We are also using the list to answer questions and take suggestions for future features. We hope to see you on the list!

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